According to an asian escorts lv, abortion has several side effects on your body depending on the method you choose. There are several methods of abortion which include surgery, pulling out, medical practices, abortion pills, and shots, etc. 

All these methods hve their different side-effects on your body thus according to the method you choose, the safe sex time differs. Professional escorts, prefer contraceptive pills because they have 97% of success rate and if one doesn’t work you can take another dose after some time.

According to thai escorts las vegas, it is safe to have sex after 48 hours of abortion as you do not have any kind of physical stress or vaginal stretching to worry about. But there are several key factors that you should keep in mind while having sex after abortion

Escorts recommend getting sure by checking all these factors that abortion does not lead to any side-effect which in the future can irritate you.

These factors are:-

  • Use pain relief method to get rid of abortion pain:- according to escorts abortion methods can cause several medical abnormalities in the body leading to pain, fever, headache, etc., thus you should take the pain and other medical treatment if required.
  • Wait 3 weeks after abortion if you want to get pregnant again:- if you want to get pregnant again then las vegas chinese escort recommend waiting for 3-4 weeks after your abortion to get your periods to start again. Abortion can delay the periods by a whole month thus you have to wait for at least 3 weeks to get pregnant again after abortion or miscarriage.


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